The Program as a Whole

MaxT3 is programmed with the intent to workout to get fit to get healthy to live your life to the fullest. Therefore, inherent of the program is the implementation of exercise as a lifetime value. However, instead of looking at exercise as something that must be done for the rest of your life, it seems a little less daunting to just focus on the next 90 days. Therefore, the program is broken up into quarterly challenges. The challenges are always different, have unique themes and intentions which keep the program fresh and exciting and each challenge compliments all the other challenges.


The challenges are uniquely designed with specific intention and are regimented to last 90 days (3 months.) They start and end with a specific assessment to measure a baseline and then your progress. There are several characteristics that make this challenge format very appealing:

  • 90 days is very manageable and un-intimidating. It doesn’t weigh too heavy on the psyche.
  • It’s short enough to keep interest and long enough to see massive transformations.
  • If you blow it, you can get right back on the horse knowing that a brand new challenge is right around the corner.
  • It is easier to commit (both mentally and financially) to a 90 day program rather than a full year program.
  • Daily Workouts

    The Daily workouts are the official workouts of MaxT3 fitness centers. They are specifically designed to reflect a comprehensive fitness system. There is specific intention behind each exercise, workout, module, challenge, and the program as a whole.

I never played sports growing up and only worked out sporadically.  I never imagined I'd be doing the things I am at age 43 thanks to MaxT3.
Kimberly Roberto - Age 43, wife, mother of 3