MaxT3 has been used by thousands of people – from beginners to elite athletes – to get maximum results in minimum time.

This program utilizes a multitude of exercises that have been strategically combined and varied to elicit a tremendous level of fitness. After working with elite and world class athletes to help them achieve optimal performance, we are able to bring many of these elements to the public and are seeing people get in the best shape of their lives with a very minimal time commitment.

The Foundational Exercise Principle of MaxT3 – Metabolic Conditioning

What is metabolic conditioning? It is exactly what the name says it is… conditioning your body’s metabolism. True fitness starts with conditioning energy systems on a cellular level. Metabolic conditioning (MetCon) is largely about eliciting a desired hormonal response. Especially since it is your hormones that most directly influence your metabolism. MetCon is so effective because of the intensity of the strain that is placed on the energy systems. By overloading the metabolic pathways on a cellular level, you force the body to adapt. These are the most fundamental principles of exercise. In order to improve your fitness – in any capacity – you have to overload the body and then it will adapt!!!!

MetCon is characterized by short bursts or surges of high intensity exercise. The duration may be short but the workouts are not easy. You squeeze the total effort of a longer workout into a fraction of the time. As a result, the benefits are exponentially better.

The Amazing Physiological Responses of Metabolic Conditioning

Hormonal Response –

Metcon elicits an ideal hormonal response by optimizing the hormones that build muscle, burn fat and boost metabolism, as well as, minimizing the hormones that cause muscle wasting, retard fat burning, compromise the immune response.


Fat Burning Effect –

In addition to the fat burning associated with the hormonal response of metabolic conditioning, this type of exercise elicits the body to continue to burn fat even after you have finished exercising. This phenomenon, called Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) helps to explain the amazing fat loss associated with high – intensity, short – duration exercise. The more the body departs from its natural resting state, the greater it has to work, post-exercise, to return to homeostasis. In other words, it takes energy to regulate body temperature, breathing patterns, heart rate, restore energy stores, etc. The higher the intensity of a workout the greater the after-burn! This after-burn can last up to 36 hours post workout where traditional exercise only burns fat for the duration of the exercise period.

Cardiovascular Effect –

Metcon also elicits a tremendous cardiovascular effect. It is considered to be the “new cardio” because of how well it conditions the heart and lungs. After even a minute of high intensity exercise, heart rate and respiration can increase tremendously. Again, by placing a significant load on the body, forces the body to adapt and conditions the body into a fitter state. In fact, anaerobic exercise like metabolic conditioning has a very significant aerobic effect. However, the opposite cannot be said for aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise does not positively affect the anaerobic system. It is a one way street.

What an awesome program! I was at first a skeptic mainly because at 47 years old I have many aches and pains.  I thought a bad back/bad shoulders would never allow me to do the things I was seeing on the videos.  I WAS WRONG!!!  I started late July of 2013 weighing 262…as of Dec 18, 2013…. I am down over 40lbs.
Alan Hyma