MaxT3 Core Values

We are in the process of finalizing our set of Core Values.  Look for these to start appearing around the fitness center.

MaxT3 Core Values

We are mission driven

We are committed to the 5 essentials

We hold the exercise essential as a lifetime value

We train people to work out to be healthy, not to look a certain way

We see the unlimited potential in each participant

We pride ourselves on the premise that no one gets hurt

We respect people’s time

We are committed to excellence

We make the necessary modifications so that anyone can do it

We embrace getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

We hold the “you vs you” principle

We foster a strong sense of community, culture, and support

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I never played sports growing up and only worked out sporadically.  I never imagined I'd be doing the things I am at age 43 thanks to MaxT3.
Kimberly Roberto - Age 43, wife, mother of 3