About MaxT3


Welcome to MaxT3 fitness centers. You are walking into a new era of fitness! One that is very unique, exciting, safe, and innovative. This facility is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before because nothing like has ever existed before…until now. More than just getting fit, you are walking into life transformation. The uniqueness of MaxT3 all begins with intention. Our intention is not for you just to look a certain way but we want you to be truly fit. Not only for the sake of being fit but more importantly for the sake of being healthy so that you can live your life to the fullest. The possibilities are endless no matter where your journey begins. You can be totally de-conditioned, completely out of shape, overweight, have limitations (like a bad knee), or even suffering from a major condition or disease and still be successful. This program is specifically designed for you. At this moment, you may not be able to do everything that you want to do BUT you can do something!!! If you just start moving then over time your body will adapt and you will transform. The possibilities are endless and they all begin right here. We will help you get in the shape of your life in a fraction of the time of conventional workouts.

Changing the Planet

Powered by Maximized Living

MaxT3 fitness centers are birthed out of Maximized Living, the global wellness organization consisting of over 500 highly – trained, elite doctors. Maximized Living offices are found throughout the world from the United States to the Philippines, from the United Kingdom to Australia, from Canada to Africa. ML is changing the way people view and manage their health. ML teaches people to live a life in a way consistent with the natural order, following the essentials and the principles that govern health. In other words…there is a NOW a healthcare delivery system that exists which is based on the laws and principles that actually govern your health.

Maximized Living is working with some of the biggest churches, some of the largest corporations, major institutions and universities, with professional sports teams and organizations and even with the governing bodies of some of this country’s greatest athletes… Maximized Living works with USA Wrestling, USA Weightlifting, USA Judo, USA Sitting Volley Ball and USA Martial Arts.

Masterfully Designed… For Everyone

MaxT3 is created by some of the top doctors and performance specialists to help their patients combat major diseases, lose weight, and become as healthy as they can be, and even to help elite athletes win gold medals. It is the best of both worlds coming together…The highest level of conditioning with an understanding of how exercise combats disease for the sake of achieving optimal HEALTH! This is the pedigree ofMaxT3. It is this comprehensive fitness system designed for all populations no matter where you begin.

This program has been in application for years. We started with thousands of people in the test groups who experienced incredible results. It was turned into a DVD which went into all the Maximized Living offices around the world and to the 10’s of thousands of patients who have used this program for the intention of getting healthy and reversing disease. As a result, we know MaxT3 works. It’s been proven. And now we want to create the ultimate opportunity for you to find your way into this system. This is exactly what the fitness center represents. The program is so much more effective in a fitness center under the supervision of a highly trained instructor than it could ever be at home by yourself. The fitness center represents MaxT3 delivered at the highest level!!!

Exercise is not a recommendation…It is essential

Exercise is a requirement, a genetic requirement! On a cellular level, your body needs movement and oxygen. It is a MUST that you condition your metabolic pathways. From a genetic perspective, exercise is a necessary ingredient of life! In fact, physical inactivity is an abnormal event for a genome programmed for physical activity. If you are not getting it then you are literally sending yourself on a fast track to sickness and disease. Look at it like this, genes are like switches. When you get enough exercise, your body can express in a more ideal and natural state. When don’t, you flip your genetic switches into a dysfunctional or diseased position and you are more prone to get a diagnosis.

Fitness Plus – More than fitness

When you walk into a MaxT3 Fitness Center you not only get the most comprehensive fitness program but you are also introduced to a comprehensive health care program. A WHOLE – health approach, we have coined as fitness (+). There are laws and principles that govern your health. If you defy these laws then you pay the price. You can even abide by one or some of these laws but if you are remiss in others (even one) then you are still putting your health in jeopardy! In other words, You can be fit but still be building disease inside of your body. Exercise alone cannot be your total health plan.  You must apply all of the following 5 Esssentials!

  • Maximized Mind

    This is where all transformation begins. If you change your thoughts you change your actions. Change your actions and change your outcomes. Nothing is going to ever change unless you reprogram your mind. Also included in the max mind piece is managing stress and how you perceive your world, your surroundings, and your circumstances.

  • Maximized Nutrition

    We will provide you with the very best, wholesome nutrition plans; including, meal plans, recipes, shopping tours, and all the necessary tools and resources to be wildly successful. These plans have also been proven to be amazingly successful from world class athletes to everyday people fighting obesity, depression and disease.

  • Maximized Oxygen & Lean Tissue

    Nobody does fitness for the sake of health better than MaxT3…Nobody!

  • Maximized Purity of Body

    (Minimized Toxins) We live in a very toxic world. You will learn simple tips on how to avoid toxins. This is essential. There are hidden dangers that are impacting your health in ways you can’t even imagine and there are simple solutions to these issues.

  • Maximized Function & Healing

    MaxT3 workouts have an added element that focuses on strengthening how the nervous system interacts with the musculoskeletal system and other systems of the body. This is critical since the nervous system controls all function, health and healing. This is a feature that would only be found in a program delivered at the highest level…And there is more…Every MaxT3 participant will have an opportunity to assess how well their body is functioning and healing through an evaluation of the spine and nervous system at a local Maximized Living Health Center. This assessment is optional and included as a bonus in your challenge. This assessment has two purposes. The first is to make sure that you are ok to be working out. Based on your assessment you will receive a report of any issues that are contraindications to exercise including the appropriate alternatives and modifications. This is one way we can ensure that nobody gets hurt in our program. That’s one of our core principles. It’s hard to get fit and its certainly hard to be healthy if you are on the shelf because you can’t workout. Especially if you are compromising your spine and nervous system. The other benefit is that the doctor will asses your nervous system to make sure your body is functioning and healing and the nerves that go to your heart, lungs, and your digestive system and every other organ in your body is free of any interference so your body can regulate and harmonize the way it is intended too. You will receive individualized recommendations and a care plan designed especially for you. What you do from there is completely up to you.

What an awesome program! I was at first a skeptic mainly because at 47 years old I have many aches and pains.  I thought a bad back/bad shoulders would never allow me to do the things I was seeing on the videos.  I WAS WRONG!!!  I started late July of 2013 weighing 262…as of Dec 18, 2013…. I am down over 40lbs.
Alan Hyma