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MaxT3 Workout
5:00 am - 5:45 am
December 16, 2019

MaxT3 Fitness Center of Georgia

Your Body Is A Fat Burning, Muscle Building Machine

...or it could be! Dr. Fred Roberto talks about how MaxT3 is designed to work on the energy systems of the body so that you can increase both your fat burning potential as well as increase muscle endurance and power.
For many of you, this program may be about losing weight or looking better.  While this will be an end result, the reality is that it is 90 days of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle that will carry over for the rest of your life. You will be learning a value system.  The side effects are that you are going to look better, feel better, and most importantly, be healthier! Read More
In order to participate in this program, you must go into it 100% committed.  If you’re not, you will not succeed and it makes it very challenging for us to support you effectively along with everyone else through this challenge.
Baseline Assessment -  You will get a baseline Tanita (body composition) along with basic measurements.  (This is FAR more critical in assessing outcomes than the scale) Barometer Workout -   Every Challenge has a great barometer workout that will really show your progress as you move along.  The Fitness Center will be open from 9-3 on Saturdays for you to practice the individual elements of the barometer workout or do the whole thing as a way to track your progress. Goal Sheet -  You will fill this out at the beginning of your challenge.  It will help your coach customize the program to meet your specific needs.  This will include a recommendation of resources which will help you achieve your goals. An Electronic Journal -  You can fill this out daily along your 90-day challenge.  It includes tracking of your nutrition, exercise, and weigh-ins.  It is important to weigh in in the morning right after using the restroom (that is your true weight) and right before bed after using the restroom every day.  We will be happy to help you review it if you need some advice or support.   Download the :  30 Day Journal Support Material -  You will have access to this 90 Day Challenge support material which contains daily entries which include specific recommendations for your daily nutrition (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks), your daily exercise, general health tips, and points of inspiration to keep you going.
  • Weight loss
  • Look Good
  • Feel Good
  • A New Value System
NOTE:  Your body will be transitioning from sugar burning to fat burning.  During this transition period, you may experience sugar cravings and even withdrawal type symptoms but don’t be alarmed.  This period will pass as your body adapts and you will feel better than you ever have before.  

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I never played sports growing up and only worked out sporadically.  I never imagined I'd be doing the things I am at age 43 thanks to MaxT3.
Kimberly Roberto - Age 43, wife, mother of 3